>Missing Child in Texas

>I’ve never done this kind of thing before but Jennie from Modern Mamaz reached out to me regarding a missing child in Texas.  Jennie has a heart for missing and exploited children and features a new missing child each week on her blog.  If you know anything that could help find this child, please call the number listed below.  No parent deserves to go through the heartbreak of losing a child.  I pray for a safe and speedy return.

This is copied directly from Modern Mamaz.  

If you have information regarding Joshua Davis call the
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at
Name: Joshua Davis
Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: Aug 16, 2009
Sex: Male
Missing Date: Feb 4, 2011
Age Now: 1
Missing City: New Braunfels
Missing State: TX
Missing Country: United States
Race: Black
Height: 2′ 0″
Weight: 30
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1165276
Circumstances: Joshua was last seen at his home on the afternoon of February 4, 2011. He was last seen wearing a blue and red button down long sleeve shirt, a gray long sleeve Rocawear shirt, dark blue Rocawear jeans, a beige and white Rocawear onesie, a diaper, and black and white socks. He may be in need of medical attention.

>What Does Clean Mean to You?

>Not just the daily “clean”  but the clean, organized space that’s exactly the way you want…if even for just a little while.  Or maybe that last part is only in my house where between my husband, Cakes, and two dogs nothing lasts very long.  But even knowing that it won’t last very long, a clean space still makes me happy.

Yes, I’ll admit it I’m that person that goes to your house and cleans while I’m there.  It’s partial neurosis and partially me showing my love through cleaning or cooking or organizing or something else for you.  While I’m usually told that I don’t have to do whatever it is I’m doing, I know that the person feels loved and appreciated through my actions.  Let’s face it there are worst things I could be doing to feed my addiction and show my family and friends that I care.  

As with many areas of my life, cleaning is another area that I’m very particular about.  You know on Friends how Monica was the clean freak and would say it may be clean but is it Monica clean?  That’s me.  Sometimes I still find myself recleaning something that someone else did because it may be clean but it’s not Kelly clean.

Well, that was me until I had a baby and my priorities changed.  I continue to crave order and cleanliness but have resigned myself to the fact that it’s not the most important thing.   If someone wants to clean for me so that I don’t have to, I say thank you and appreciate it.  I no longer sneak over and reload the dishwasher so that it’s done the “right” way.  Unless of course it’s the holidays and every dish in the house is dirty and maximizing the dishwasher’s capacity is necessary, then I might take over.  But overall I’ve learned to relax about my approach/obsession with cleaning.  There really are more important things in life.

That all being said, I do not live in a dirty house and clutter over a prolonged period stresses me out.  I plan on writing another post about the things I do to clean my house and what I consider just regular clean and Kelly clean but not to the extreme.

>Giveaway Challenge – Day 17

>Day 17 of the Giveaway Challenge and I’m starting to get burned out.  How is it possible that I’m losing my motivation to enter?  I’ve now won two giveaways and winning is always a thrill.  I think between trying to better my own blog, forcing myself to enter a certain number of giveaways everyday has turned into a chore.  I still love to win and the whole point of this was to challenge myself, if it was easy it wouldn’t have been called a challenge.  Hopefully, I’m reenergized tomorrow and back on track!

  1. The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness – $50 Amazon gift card – ends 2/18
  2. Little Yaya’s – $45 CSN gift card – ends 2/18
  3. The Not-So-Secret-Confessions of a First Time Mom – $35 CSN gift card – ends 2/18
  4. Real Dad Reviews – $50 Cash – ends 2/19
  5. The Practical Mom Guide – $50 CSN gift card – ends 2/19
Total Giveaways Entered – 208
Total Giveaways Won – 2

>Facebook Friday – 2/11

>Time for some networking!  I usually don’t blog/Twitter/Facebook hop on the weekend so this is my last attempt of the week to get social and make some new friends.  Come join in on the Facebook fun!

>Giveaway Challenge – Day 16

>I stayed pretty busy with Type A Thursday yesterday so this is coming in late.  But better late than never, right?!

  1. Dealectible Mommies – Flirty Apron – ends 2/13
  2. Simply Stacie – $20 Amazon gift card – ends 2/13
  3. Blushing Noir – MAC giveaway – ends 2/14
  4. The Shopping Mama – Flirty Apron – ends 2/14
  5. Raffle Dog – $20 Amazon gift card – ends 2/14
Total Giveaways Entered – 203
Total Giveaways Won – 2

>Lab Work Update


Cakes ended up waking from her nap in a foul mood so I didn’t get the rest of my lab work done today for the miscarriage/clotting type stuff.  But hopefully tomorrow I can get that out of the way.  My primary care doctor’s office called saying they had received the results of my corated artery ultrasound and they came back normal (which I knew) and that based on that, the blood work they did, and the ophthalmologists report – I experienced an ocular migraine.  She asked if I had gotten my MRI because they hadn’t received it yet and I told her I had it schedule for Friday but they had closed their office, not notified me, and never called to reschedule.  I then asked if the doctor even thought it necessary I get the MRI since everything was indicating ocular migraines.  She said she’d ask the doctor and call me back.  She never has called back and I don’t expect she will.  I hate to say it but our care/satisfaction with medical personnel has been less than stellar since moving to Texas.  We never realized we had it so good in Colorado! 

>Type A Thursday – 2/10


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