>2-Year Well Child Check


Cakes had her 2 year WCC (well child check) this morning.  It’s two weeks late but we were out of town and I like to have the doctor do all of her visits for consistency.  And because I like her so much better than everyone else in the office.  Cakes is doing great!  She’s in the 92nd percentile for height at 36 inches and the 80th percentile for weight at 29.4 pounds!  They stop checking head circumference at the 18 month visit so I don’t know what that is.  Her soft spot still hasn’t quite closed all the way but the ultrasound in June made the doctor feel better about it being a normal variance and that there wasn’t some medical reason for it not closing.  But it has gotten smaller so she’s just going at her own pace.  
The only issue we had at the appointment was her ears.  The doctor took a peek at them and they were both red, infected, and fluid-filled.  She could not believe Cakes hadn’t shown any symptoms of something being wrong (fever, runny nose, diarrhea, fussiness).  The doctor mentioned that she has been a relatively healthy girl with not very many visits and that this was only her third ear infection ever.  The office called in a prescription (which I already started her on) and she’ll go back in 2 weeks to have her ears checked.  The office was out of flu shots so the doctor wrote me a prescription to take to HEB to get it but they only had pre-filled syringes and not the dosing that Cakes needed.  Luckily, when we got home their office called me back saying they were ordering more and would get me a dose if she stilled needed it.  
So there were no shots at this appointment, but when we go back, Cakes will have the flu shot and her last Prevnar shot.  Then, she won’t need any more shots until she’s 4 and won’t need another WCC until she’s 3.  That’s good news for me!  These first two years have been filled with more needles than I would have liked but at least she’s protected!
We’ve been truly blessed that Cakes has overcome her prematurity and is thriving (and growing) so much! 

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  1. >I appreciate the comment and coming by! I hope to stay up with each other & maybe learn a lil something from one another! *smile*Stay Blessed..

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