>The Results Are In

>Well, most of them anyway.  I got a call from the OB’s office today (although I guess maybe I should say GYN since I’m not exactly pregnant anymore/yet) saying that I needed to get more blood work.  You’re probably asking yourself, after six vials of blood two weeks ago why would you possibly need even more blood work?  That would be because the lab failed to complete two of the six tests that were ordered.

One of the tests, Factor V, I already told you about that came back negative.  None of the others had been uploaded to the patient portal so I didn’t know they had come back yet until the receptionist called.  (Again, do you see why I don’t care for this office?  Administratively they leave much to be desired.)  While on the phone with the receptionist I asked what test had come back and the results.  The tests that did come back were the biggies (in my mind) and the ones I could remember the names of.  All of the tests – Lupus, Proteins C & S, and Anti-Thrombin – all came back either negative or within normal range.  My Granny and at least one cousin we know of has Lupus so this was the one I was most worried about – whew!

So now I need to carve some time out of my week and throw my schedule off yet again to get these last two tests finished up.  The receptionist ensured me I don’t need to fast, so I’ll make sure to head over there are Cakes wakes up from her nap and hopefully avoid the fasting crowd of the morning hours.

3 responses to “>The Results Are In

  1. >Congrats on your results and goodluck on the rest. I hate doing bloodwork!

  2. >Wishing you the best to find the information you need! Hang in there.

  3. >Ok. My eyes were immediately drawn to… "although I guess maybe I should say GYN since I'm not exactly pregnant anymore/yet" comment. I get so excited when people are TTC. *fingers crossed*Now that I completely invaded your comfy space, good to hear about the results. Here's to hoping they get it on the first "poke" for the remaining tests. 😉

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