>Lab Work Update


Cakes ended up waking from her nap in a foul mood so I didn’t get the rest of my lab work done today for the miscarriage/clotting type stuff.  But hopefully tomorrow I can get that out of the way.  My primary care doctor’s office called saying they had received the results of my corated artery ultrasound and they came back normal (which I knew) and that based on that, the blood work they did, and the ophthalmologists report – I experienced an ocular migraine.  She asked if I had gotten my MRI because they hadn’t received it yet and I told her I had it schedule for Friday but they had closed their office, not notified me, and never called to reschedule.  I then asked if the doctor even thought it necessary I get the MRI since everything was indicating ocular migraines.  She said she’d ask the doctor and call me back.  She never has called back and I don’t expect she will.  I hate to say it but our care/satisfaction with medical personnel has been less than stellar since moving to Texas.  We never realized we had it so good in Colorado! 

5 responses to “>Lab Work Update

  1. >Glad the other results were normal. But BOOO for the medical staff. Hmmm– I can get all redneck on them if ya want me to! 😉

  2. >Found you on Twitter. I'm sorry for your medical staff experiences. Maybe there's another clinic you can try. All the best.Clay@claylauren2001

  3. >I would be incredibly frustrated by the lack of follow-through there. I'm so sorry things are going this way!

  4. >So sorry to hear you're having problems with your healthcare providers. I'd be switching, that's for sure.

  5. >We have the same issues here in Wisconsin, so I totally sympathize. Like, fine, this may be a small part of *their* day, but to you it's a big deal. Ugh! I hope you're able to get everything straightened out soon.

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