>Giveaway Challenge – Day 17

>Day 17 of the Giveaway Challenge and I’m starting to get burned out.  How is it possible that I’m losing my motivation to enter?  I’ve now won two giveaways and winning is always a thrill.  I think between trying to better my own blog, forcing myself to enter a certain number of giveaways everyday has turned into a chore.  I still love to win and the whole point of this was to challenge myself, if it was easy it wouldn’t have been called a challenge.  Hopefully, I’m reenergized tomorrow and back on track!

  1. The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness – $50 Amazon gift card – ends 2/18
  2. Little Yaya’s – $45 CSN gift card – ends 2/18
  3. The Not-So-Secret-Confessions of a First Time Mom – $35 CSN gift card – ends 2/18
  4. Real Dad Reviews – $50 Cash – ends 2/19
  5. The Practical Mom Guide – $50 CSN gift card – ends 2/19
Total Giveaways Entered – 208
Total Giveaways Won – 2

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