>The Results Are In

>Well, most of them anyway.  I got a call from the OB’s office today (although I guess maybe I should say GYN since I’m not exactly pregnant anymore/yet) saying that I needed to get more blood work.  You’re probably asking yourself, after six vials of blood two weeks ago why would you possibly need even more blood work?  That would be because the lab failed to complete two of the six tests that were ordered.

One of the tests, Factor V, I already told you about that came back negative.  None of the others had been uploaded to the patient portal so I didn’t know they had come back yet until the receptionist called.  (Again, do you see why I don’t care for this office?  Administratively they leave much to be desired.)  While on the phone with the receptionist I asked what test had come back and the results.  The tests that did come back were the biggies (in my mind) and the ones I could remember the names of.  All of the tests – Lupus, Proteins C & S, and Anti-Thrombin – all came back either negative or within normal range.  My Granny and at least one cousin we know of has Lupus so this was the one I was most worried about – whew!

So now I need to carve some time out of my week and throw my schedule off yet again to get these last two tests finished up.  The receptionist ensured me I don’t need to fast, so I’ll make sure to head over there are Cakes wakes up from her nap and hopefully avoid the fasting crowd of the morning hours.


>Giveaway Challenge – Day 15

>Day 15 of the Giveaway Challenge and I’m going to get right to it.  Hopefully those that are entering these awesome giveaways are getting some wins!

  1. The Bragging Mommy – $35 L’Occitane gift card – ends 2/14
  2. A Modern Girl’s Guide – Flip Flops from Planet Flops – ends 2/14
  3. Obviously Marvelous – A Mommy’s Sweet Design Blog Package – ends 2/14
  4. The Frugal Bug – $35 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/14
  5. An Island Life – $25 Walmart gift card – ends 2/14
  6. Cuckoo for Coupon Deals – $20 Amazon gift card – ends 2/14
  7. The Bragging Mommy – Havianas Flip Flops – ends 2/15
  8. Mommy Kat and Kids – $150 Perricone MD gift card – ends 2/15
  9. This Mama Rocks – $65 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/15
  10. What’s Anita’s Deal? – Clarisonic – ends 2/15
  11. Eighty MPH Mom – $100 Amex – ends 2/15
  12. Gustosa Giveaways – $45 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/15
  13. Style MD – $45 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/15
  14. Heavenly Savings – $25 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/15
  15. Mommy Kat and Kids – $25 Kiki Maternity gift card – ends 2/15
  16. A Gal Needs At Least 2 Blogs – $75 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/16
  17. Sage and Savvy – $45 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/17
  18. Susan Heim on Parenting – $25 Walmart gift card – ends 2/17
  19. Family Focus Blog – $20 Chili’s gift card – ends 2/18
Total Giveaways Entered – 198
Total Giveaways Won – 1

>Wordless Wednesday (2/9): Hot Cakes!


Here’s my darling Cakes playing in the oven drawer!  

I just love this girl! 

>Giveaway Challenge – Day 14

>Two weeks into the Giveaway Challenge and I have a win to report!  I won a $55 gift card to CSN Stores!  I’m so excited – all of my time applying hasn’t been in vain!

  1. Family Focus Blog$100 Amazon gift card – ends 2/11
  2. Jolly Mom$100 Home Depot gift card – ends 2/11
  3. Posh on a Budget – $30 Barnes & Noble gift card – ends 2/11
  4. Diary of a Mystery Shopping Teacher – $20 Cash – ends 2/11
  5. Confessions of a Call Center Gal – $100 Shopbop – ends 2/11
  6. Energizer Mommy’s Bunny Reports – $100 Amex – ends 2/12
  7. Smart & Trendy Moms – Kindle – ends 2/13
  8. The Darling Girlfriends Review Spot – $35 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/13
  9. Laughing Lindsay – $30 CSN Stores gift card – ends 2/13
  10. The Type A Housewife – $10 CSN gift card – ends 2/13
Total Giveaways Entered – 179
Total Giveaways Won – 1

>Winner of the Skoy Cloth 4 Pack!


Congrats to the winner of the Skoy Cloth 4 Pack!
The winning comment was #58 – Katie (confirmed)! 
Thanks to everyone who entered! 
More great giveaways to come! 

>Networking Tuesdays

>Time to make some new friends and contacts!  It’s Tuesday and there are a ton of blog, Twitter, and Facebook hops going on!  Link up!


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>Meatless Monday – 2/7

>We’re back on the wagon – today we’re celebrating Meatless Monday once again.  Why meatless?  Go check out this site which discusses all of the positive health and environmental benefits of going meatless, even just once a week.  These are my stuffed peppers – with a little taken from a lot of different recipes.  Don’t they look good?!